Leader’s Guide to Using FDM’s Workbooks

This is the starting point for leaders that desire to train and disciple others. This guide will help you prepare for one-on-one discipleship training, and teaching FDM’s marriage or parenting classes. 

Discipleship Workbook – Leader’s Guide

This Leader’s Guide is designed for Christian men and women desiring to disciple others in biblical principles and perspectives. And it corresponds with the Discipleship Workbook available here.

Forgiveness and Reconciliation

A 14-page workbook that establishes the biblical principles of forgiveness and the steps to reconcile broken relationships. Great for personal study or as a counseling tool.

Training Other Leaders

Simple steps in raising up and training other leaders to teach the video series in your churches.

Quick Verse Notes

A reference for verses on specific topics. This is a great booklet for personal use or as a counseling tool to quickly reference verses for challenging questions.

Teaching & Training Seminars

Select a seminar on the topics of Discipleship, Marriage, and Parenting, and hold it at your church. 

Discipleship Workbooks