Discipleship Seminar

Disciple in the Church

This message can be delivered during a regular Sunday service. It can be directed to the overall body or split into a three-part series directed to pastors and/or church leaders. Topics include (1) Why Discipleship Is Important, (2) What Is a Disciple and What Is Discipleship?, and (3) Identifying and Seizing the Opportunities to Disciple People within the Church Structure. This inspiring series also includes direction on how to use the many free resources FDM offers.

Marriage or Parenting Seminar

Today, many parents are ill equipped to face the numerous challenges of raising their children and tending to each other according to God’s will. The fact is, most Christians are not motivated to invest a lot of time in learning about family issues unless a crisis is at hand. Within these two sessions, they will learn the necessity of drawing strength and wisdom from God and that the Bible is our instruction manual. This 2 hour seminar establishes 4 important things:

1. Sound biblical instructions in parenting or marriage.
2. A time frame that most parents are willing to invest in without a crisis being at hand.
3. Awareness of the pitfalls and consequences for doing things contrary to the Word of God.
4. Motivation to invest the time needed to be thoroughly discipled in these areas.

Also, they will see the importance of signing up for the following DVD series or workbook course.
Family Discipleship Ministries will provide your church with the Parenting or Marriage DVD video series. The series is designed to disciple parents in a group setting. It includes a leader’s guide and workbooks in a PDF format that are easily printed.

The marriage or parenting or a combination of both is available in a retreat or conference format.

We strongly recommend having a 2 hour seminar, conducted on a weeknight (7-9 PM) or a Sunday evening. In our experience, providing a 2 hour seminar you will get a much better response in attendance.

Seminar Request Form:

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